Finally Friday!!!

It’s finally Friday! Man, the last three days have been jam-packed. I realise that there is probably not one person who bothered to read all of my last blog entry. To be honest that doesn’t even bother me, because if I was you, I’d be like – ooh, this looks interesting … oh wait, no. Too long. Next..!

I will try to be really, really brief from now on. Or maybe I should say that I will really, really try to be brief! Here’s the (BRIEF) lowdown on today’s events:

College. Day three.


tired but relieved to be home!!! (btw the thing on my head is a towel haha)

Morning: Because I live so far away, I have to go to school early even if I don’t have classes straight up. I arrived at school with a friend (happy birthday, friend!!) at around 8:30am and went to the library. After I had settled down in the “quiet study” section and opened my English writing book to complete some homework, I found that my nerves quickly dissipated. I had finally found my place! There were no crowds, it was quiet, and there were books … everywhere. It was perfect – well, perfect for me. :)

Health studies: I got lost. But I asked for directions, and I’m glad I did. I sat down next to my only friend. The teacher gave instructions to talk to people we had never met before. I actually really enjoyed it. I can’t remember everyone’s names, but two people that stuck out for me were Callum and Emily. Callum and I actually talked a lot more than I did with the other people, which is surprising (for me) because I thought I was terrible at talking to guys. Haha. Emily was really nice.

Lunch: Went to my Friday maths class. I basically got handed sheets to complete at home and was offered help whenever I need it. Thank you, now get me out of here (I chose the mandatory maths class, nothing more – maths is not my strong point!) As I was heading down the stairs, I started feeling nervous. But a friend called out my name, and before I knew it I was being invited out to lunch with her and three other girls! It was really fun, but it made me late for my next class…

Photography: I stepped inside the room, cheeks flushed and sweating like a dog. The room was small, crowded. And when the teacher asked my name, every head turned to face my less-than-attractive face.


The lesson went by in a blur. I think everyone was tired and just wanted to go home. The one good thing that came out of it is that I felt a lot less uncomfortable in the class than I had the first time. And maybe by the end of the year I’ll be able to casually talk to the guy that I am definitely not able to casually talk to (or even look him in the eye). Maybe.

I KNOW THAT WASN’T BRIEF BUT IT WAS BRIEFER THAN PREVIOUS ENTRIES. Sorry for the caps but I had to make you understand. Hahaha! Anyway … it’s finally Friday! No more school until Tuesday!!!

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